Pisces, the most populous island in the world, is home to nearly one-quarter of the world’s Pisces population.

    The island, which lies on the Pacific Ocean between Hawaii and Australia, has been known for its natural beauty and rich history.

    But now a new study is suggesting that Pisces is facing a serious mental illness epidemic.

    The study, titled Pisces Mind, Minds, and Minds Health, is based on data collected from a population of about 4 million Pisces residents.

    Researchers looked at mental health indicators from the 2016 survey and collected data on the people’s self-reported mental health and physical health in Pisces.

    The research was conducted by researchers at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, and it found that Piscean residents had a higher rate of mental illness and an even higher rate than the general population.

    They also reported significantly more suicide attempts than the average population.

    In addition, the researchers found that suicide attempts were twice as common among Pisces than the U.S. population.

    Pisces had one of the highest rates of suicides among the Pacific Islands, and the researchers estimate that the Pisces mental health rate would be approximately three times higher than the overall suicide rate in the United States.

    The researchers said that mental health problems among the population were not limited to the residents of Pisces but were also prevalent among adults in the general Pisces community.

    In other words, people were struggling with mental health issues in a way that could have been prevented if mental health services were more accessible to them.

    Piscean’s mental health was so severe that researchers believe that this is what led to a large number of suicides.

    One person committed suicide in Piscean every five minutes, the study found.

    Other mental health factors include a lack of access to mental health care, and a lack or unwillingness to seek help from the police.

    The survey also found that people who self-identified as mentally ill were more likely to have mental health conditions.

    They were also more likely than the rest of the population to have a history of substance abuse.

    Pisce is also one of only three islands in the Pacific to have fewer than one percent of its population in need of mental health treatment.

    The other two islands, Hawaii and Guam, have around 10 percent of their population in crisis.

    Mental health services are very limited, and people who are unable to access them, are more likely have suicidal thoughts.

    While mental health is a serious problem, it is also a way to build community and support.

    The mental health community has been working to provide better mental health to the Piscean people, but we have not yet had a true mental health recovery program.

    The Pisces research is the first step in a process that will help to improve the mental health of the Pisce population, the island’s people and society, and ultimately the entire Pacific.

    For more information about mental health in the Pisceans, read our story on mental health on Pisces and read the article on Pisce Minds.


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