— The owner of an Ontario dairy is blaming the Ontario government for the death of a young mother whose father had recently left the family.

    A statement from the farmhouse where KWIY KUY was a baby is under lock and key and is being guarded by police at a home in the village of Kichidi in the north-central part of the province.

    “We feel that we have lost someone to this tragedy,” KWCI-KUY said.

    “We have lost a member of the family to this tragic event.

    The circumstances are tragic.

    We are devastated by the loss of a member to this type of tragedy.””

    This tragedy is a result of a government that refuses to accept the needs of Ontarians and continues to ignore the need to reduce mental illness,” the statement read.

    “This is a direct result of the policies of this government that prevent people from talking about their mental health issues, and that also prevents the public from taking steps to prevent this kind of tragic situation.”‘

    We’re in shock’In her statement, KKIY described how her father, a construction worker, had recently taken his own life, but said the situation is being investigated as a suicide.

    “I don’t know what I’ll do with my life,” KKY said, adding that her mother has been told to be careful in the future.KWIYC is a mother of three, aged four to 16.

    Her father, who worked in the construction industry, died at age 57.

    She said she was the only one who survived.

    “My mother, she just has no words to say, that this was just a terrible tragedy,” she said.KIYC said the family is still trying to piece together what happened, but that they believe the family will find out more when a police investigation is underway.KWF-TV said KWPI-KWY said her father had a history of mental health problems.”KWCI was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, bipolar depression, and he was diagnosed in 2006 with schizophrenia,” she wrote.

    “He had a lot of mental problems, and had been in and out of jail.

    He was an alcoholic, he was on and off drugs, he got in trouble with the law.

    He also had been hospitalized for suicide attempts.””

    He’s always been very good with his words and he never spoke about it in the past,” KWMJ-KWF reported her as saying.”

    And I’m very angry with him for that.”KWMJ reported KWWIYS father also had schizophrenia.

    The family’s pastor, Dr. John Wainwright, has said the case was very difficult to handle, but not one that he has ever seen before.

    “It is a very difficult case for any family and we’re in very sad shock,” he told KWJ-TV.KWMJA-KWIY is also a member, along with her husband, Dr James, of the Canadian Mental Health Association, which is calling for mental health services to be expanded to cover the province’s rural and remote areas.

    “They’re not doing a great job of supporting people and addressing their mental needs, and the fact that people have been hurt in this tragic way,” said Wainwrights pastor, Pastor Jana Wainriders.

    “It’s a very, very tragic situation, and we don’t want people to go through what we’ve gone through.”

    In the statement, the farm owner also said that the dairy has been “in a state of mourning” since KWWIY was born.

    “Our hearts go out to the family, and our hearts go to the community who’s had to deal with this tragedy, and who’s going through the same challenges that we’ve been through,” she concluded.

    “This is the hardest thing for anyone to deal, and for me personally it’s really difficult to cope.

    I’m in shock.””

    We are in shock, we are in disbelief.

    We don’t have words.

    We’re in disbelief.”


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