Mental health issues are an ongoing issue in professional sport.

    While the statistics are a bit sparse, they are definitely prevalent.

    The sport has to work to be aware of this, and to treat mental health concerns with respect.

    Here are some of the issues you may see: The sport is not a safe environment for mental health issues The majority of mental health-related injuries occur in men and women, which is one of the main reasons why men are more likely to have more severe injuries than women.

    This is a problem that needs to be addressed, and it should be part of a wider strategy.

    The physical and mental wellbeing of players and staff is often overlooked The physical and psychological wellbeing of athletes is often ignored.

    This can cause them to suffer a range of symptoms, which can range from depression to anxiety.

    This means that they will not feel comfortable or able to perform in the same way as everyone else.

    Players should be supported to deal with their mental health problemsIt’s important to highlight that mental health is not an easy issue to tackle, and that mental illness is a part of the sport.

    However, we mustn’t let it take a backseat to the physical and emotional wellbeing of the players and their families.

    Supporting the players with mental health support is vital The role of the NRL and the NRLPA in addressing mental health needs in the game is paramount.

    They should be supporting the mental health of their players to the maximum extent possible.


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