The GOP’s new health plan, which would repeal the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) requirement that people have health insurance or pay a fine, has been widely derided for its focus on the costs of health care and not the mental health impacts of it.

    The plan also would dramatically increase the costs for people with mental illness, who disproportionately fall into the latter group.

    And it would also significantly increase the number of people who are denied coverage because of mental illness.

    Yet the plan does not offer an explanation for why it would do so.

    Here’s what you need to know about mental health and the GOP health plan.

    How would the GOP plan affect people with chronic illness?

    The GOP plan does propose to increase the amount of Medicaid coverage for people who have mental illness under the ACA.

    It would also expand the Medicaid program to cover people with HIV, people who recently returned from a substance abuse treatment program, and the uninsured.

    But it would not provide an explanation why people with these conditions would need more health insurance, and would not expand coverage to those who are otherwise ineligible for the Medicaid expansion.

    If passed, the GOP would also reduce the tax credits that people with health insurance receive.

    This would likely affect people who earn too much to qualify for Medicaid.

    It also would increase premiums for people in high-cost areas and affect people of color.

    How much would this cost?

    The Republican health plan would also increase Medicaid payments for people whose incomes fall below 138 percent of the federal poverty level.

    The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimated that this would cost between $3,000 and $6,000 per person.

    This amount is far lower than the federal government’s annual premium for coverage, which is about $5,000.

    But if the GOP did pass this bill, this figure would rise to about $8,000 for some.

    What happens to people who qualify for a state Medicaid program?

    The ACA’s expansion of Medicaid to low-income people who make less than 138 percent (or $13,400 for a single person) of the poverty line has been a major success for states, which have seen Medicaid populations expand and new residents flock to them.

    This has been especially true in states that have adopted policies like Arizona’s.

    In 2017, the state’s uninsured rate fell by more than 40 percent.

    But the ACA also includes a provision that allows states to waive the federal requirement that states enroll low- and moderate-income Medicaid recipients, as long as they have low and moderate incomes.

    This means that many states have decided to opt out of the Medicaid Expansion in some circumstances, and they are able to use the waiver to keep Medicaid recipients who have lower incomes from being required to enroll.

    The Trump administration has indicated that it may reconsider this option, but so far has not said what its rationale might be.

    Under the GOP bill, states would be able to opt to waive this option in certain circumstances, including for cases where the state has a preexisting condition that makes it difficult for people to get coverage, such as people with diabetes, asthma, or heart disease.

    How do the GOP plans impact mental health access?

    Many mental health advocates have criticized the GOP proposals for their emphasis on the mental side of mental health.

    This focus has raised concerns about the consequences of this focus on mental health, particularly for people of colour and people with disabilities.

    The GOP proposal also contains a proposal to eliminate a federal funding stream for mental health services.

    This proposal would be a significant step backward in terms of funding for mental healthcare.

    For instance, the Medicaid proposal would provide a $1,200 per month stipend for mental and behavioral health services for people between the ages of 18 and 65, with some states offering no such benefit.

    The CBO estimated that states would see a 20 percent decrease in funding for these services.

    Why is this important?

    While the GOP proposal is expected to significantly increase insurance costs for the mentally ill, it would still have a positive impact on people with other health conditions, such a high-risk group like HIV and cancer.

    People with mental health conditions are disproportionately affected by the ACA’s requirement that they obtain health insurance.

    The Republican plan also increases the number who are uninsured, with a number of states cutting their Medicaid coverage by 20 percent or more.

    This makes it more difficult for them to afford the premiums and deductibles for insurance plans that do not cover mental health treatment.

    For some people, the cost of mental and substance abuse care can be prohibitive.

    People in low-wage areas are disproportionately likely to be denied insurance because of their mental health condition.

    Some states have passed laws that make it difficult or impossible for people from low-level income to obtain health coverage.

    These laws also make it harder for people living with mental illnesses to access substance abuse or addiction treatment.

    The Republicans health plan does nothing to address this issue, and instead offers a one-size-fits-all approach to mental health that does not account for people’s specific needs.

    For example, people with schizophrenia who have


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