When Gretalyns family first heard the news about her, they were devastated.

    She was just a baby, but the young girl had a severe case of schizophrenia and was in a wheelchair.

    The family said Gretah had never made friends, and had been left in care.

    They were hoping for a long-term solution, but this is what happened next.

    The story of Gretabell’s illness In January 2018, the Queensland Government signed a Mental Health (Consequences of Mental Illness) Amendment (Prevention and Treatment of Psychotic Illness and Related Disorders) Bill.

    Gretacys daughter was now 17 years old, and they were hoping to make a difference in her life.

    “She was not living the best life, so she would have liked to be in a family environment and to have the chance to have a relationship with somebody,” said Getha.

    Gethas family were hoping Gretabless medication would help her.

    They took Gretas medication in February 2019, just before her birthday.

    Her medication had been effective at controlling her seizures, but it didn’t treat her severe mental illness.

    It only helped her to get to sleep, and when she was tired she would struggle to get up.

    The medication didn’t work for her severe psychotic disorder, so the family decided to try alternative methods of treatment.

    “We started using a variety of different therapies,” said Melissa.

    We would see her and she would just sit there, but she was a very good sleeper.” “

    Greta had no symptoms.

    We would see her and she would just sit there, but she was a very good sleeper.”

    Melissa said her daughter would sit for hours, sometimes for up to eight hours at a time.

    “If she was really upset, she would lie down and she was in so much pain that she would fall over,” she said.

    “It was not until we had the appointment at a hospital, and then seeing the doctor that we realised she was actually suffering from mental illness.”

    The family went to the psychiatrist at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital, but Geths condition worsened.

    Gerta was transferred to the Children’s Hospital of Queensland.

    Melissa said the doctors there told her the family had been warned about GretA mental illness, and it had caused them to rethink their treatment options.

    “They told us that Gretagas medication had not worked and they needed to try something else,” she recalled.

    “But they were like ‘well, that is fine, we will take care of you.'” “

    The family returned to the Royal Children’s hospital, where Gertas condition worsened again. “

    But they were like ‘well, that is fine, we will take care of you.'”

    The family returned to the Royal Children’s hospital, where Gertas condition worsened again.

    Melissa tried alternative therapies for Gretaz illness, but they were not working.

    She said she did not know what was wrong with Gretat, and she thought she would never get better.

    The Gertaz family went back to the Queensland Psychiatric Hospital to get more information about Gertag.

    “A psychologist came in and she said ‘well it’s very difficult for us to give her medication because she is so young’,” Melissa said.

    Gretta had to take medication twice a day.

    “This was really difficult for her,” Melissa said, “She didn’t like that she was on it, she wanted to stop.”

    The Grettas family decided that they had to try an alternative treatment that they were already using.

    “When we got the appointment, I was shocked,” Melissa recalled.

    The doctors told Melissa that Grettad had to be admitted to a mental health unit.

    Gretea was diagnosed with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia-like symptoms, and Gretawell was in her final year of her high school year.

    The Queensland Department of Health confirmed Gretaghs illness was in remission, but said that medication was not a viable option.

    The new treatment, the Therapeutic Modalities for Schizophrenia (TMSS) was approved in March 2019, and is now in place.

    It’s not clear if Gretags medication has changed the course of her illness.

    Melissa and Grettaz have started using the new medication again, and Melissa said it has helped Gretamise.

    “For the last few months, we have been having a lot of fun, she said, and has been able to put her thoughts down.”

    Gretaga is now six months old, having recovered from her first year of high school.

    Melissa says she is looking forward to getting to spend time with her new daughter.

    “The first time we got to go see her, she was crying,” Melissa explained.

    “And then we had this little chat with her and it was really lovely.”

    Melissa believes Gretagar’s medication was effective at helping Gretakise to sleep and to cope with her psychosis.

    “Now, we can’t put a stop to her medication, we don’t


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