FourFourtwo has revealed that many people with bipolar depression find it hard to stop watching porn.

    In an article for The Verge titled ‘Bipolar disorder: Pornhub’s new app can help’ , Pornhub explains how its Bipolar Porn app aims to help people get rid on porn:The app is built for people with mental illness and bipolar disorder who are looking to get rid off the internet porn they are addicted to.

    “We were trying to understand why people are addicted and we noticed there’s a lot of overlap in what people with BPD struggle with,” Pornhub co-founder and CEO Lauren Anderson said in the article.

    “So we started asking people what they wanted to do to change their behavior and the results were incredible.

    We have now built a BPD app that helps those with Bipolar Disorder to get off of porn and enjoy life.”

    The app, dubbed BPDBoys, is now available on all Pornhub sites and in the app’s own browser, and offers a host of mental health and coping tools, including a mental health toolkit.

    “It helps people get out of their porn addiction, which is not fun,” PornHub founder and CEO PornHub said.

    “The app helps them get back to what they love doing.”

    A mental health support group on Pornhub is now offering the app as a free app, and the company said it will continue to offer the app to those who need it.”BPDBitches can help with some of the same things that people with other mental health issues can help you with,” the company wrote on its website.

    “For example, we can help people with PTSD who are dealing with the emotional trauma of seeing porn, as well as people with OCD who may struggle with their obsessions and compulsions.”

    Our BPD support group is one of the most diverse in the industry, and we believe that providing a mental wellness toolkit for people is important to our community.

    “For more on mental health, watch the full FiveThirtyEight podcast.


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