According to the latest data from the National Alliance on Mental Illness, mental illness is the leading cause of death among Americans ages 18 to 44, with more than a quarter of the nation’s 1.1 million deaths reported in 2016.

    This year, mental health and mental health-related incidents in the U.S. reached an all-time high, with a total of 11,935.

    That’s a 6.6% increase from 2015, according to the National Center for Health Statistics.

    But the number of reported mental illness cases is declining.

    The number of Americans with mental illness has dropped to 2.3 million from 3.9 million in 2016, according the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

    The national suicide hotline reported that the number in 2017 was 5,766.

    The latest data suggests that mental illness and suicide may be linked.

    According to a study by researchers at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and the University at Buffalo, suicide is often the result of a traumatic event.

    When people are in crisis, they feel isolated and vulnerable, said Lisa Miller, a doctoral student in social work at the university.

    The study looked at the mental health histories of more than 2,300 people from the Massachusetts Mental Health Association, the state’s mental health service, and a larger group of people from other mental health organizations.

    Suicide rates were also significantly higher among those with serious mental illnesses.

    Miller’s team found that people who had severe mental illness had a higher rate of suicide attempts and a higher risk of ending their lives.

    “These are the people that are more likely to take their own lives,” Miller said.

    She said mental illness patients who experienced suicidal thoughts and acted on them were more likely than others to kill themselves.

    Miller, who has studied suicide in the general population, said that she had noticed that a lot of mental health professionals were more reluctant to talk about suicide in cases of crisis, and also that a large number of people who are treated for serious mental illness do not seek treatment or seek help.

    Miller said that many mental health services did not have the capacity to provide care to people who were experiencing mental health problems and also, because of the stigma surrounding mental illness it is difficult to find a place for those with mental health issues to seek help, even if they need it.

    Miller also said that a lack of funding and resources makes it harder for mental health providers to help those in crisis.

    “We know that we need funding for mental illness treatment and mental illness services, but we don’t know how to allocate that,” Miller told ABC News.

    “People with mental illnesses don’t get the care they need, and it’s really hard to make that happen.”

    Miller said she is concerned that the rise in mental illness deaths may be caused by a lack in resources, especially for people who have serious mental health conditions.

    “I think that the state and federal government is missing the boat on this issue,” Miller added.

    Miller and her colleagues studied more than 1,400 people who died by suicide in Massachusetts, and then found that the mental illness rate was higher among people who reported serious mental disorders, such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, or depression.

    People with severe mental illnesses also had a significantly higher suicide rate.

    “That’s what’s really concerning,” Miller noted.

    “If there’s a lot more funding for people with serious disorders, we could see a big increase in that number.”

    Miller is hopeful that the recent rise in suicides may be due to increased awareness of mental illness among the general public.

    But she also said the state should take a closer look at how it is treating people with mental disorders and the need for more resources for mental-health services.

    “As we’re all on the same spectrum of mental illnesses, how can we not treat all of us differently?”

    Miller said, asking for help with mental-illness prevention and suicide prevention.

    Miller has started a nonprofit organization called the Center for Mental Health Advocacy that seeks to raise awareness about mental illness.

    “When you see all these people in the news every day and they have a mental illness they’re not getting the care, that’s a big problem,” Miller continued.

    “They need the care.

    That doesn’t mean that we’re not going to support them.”


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