A new app that lets users track their online activities using GPS tracking and the help of a virtual helper has garnered some praise from mental health advocates.

    The app, called Mental Health Project, is being developed by the University of Washington.

    The team hopes to eventually expand to other cities around the world.

    But first, the team is working to develop an official app for people to use.

    The program, which is being released as a beta version, is designed to give people the ability to track their location and the time of day they are online.

    The data can be sent to a mobile device or even used to track down people who are harassing, stalking, or harassing other people.

    The developers said they’re already seeing a positive response from users.

    “This is a great first step in bringing a tool to the masses that can help prevent stalking and harassment,” Mental Health Initiative Program Director Stephanie Hannon told Ars.

    “It’s great to see so many people getting involved.”

    The app uses a combination of smartphone GPS tracking, GPS tracking apps, and a virtual assistant to send the data to a device.

    Users are also able to view the data on a map or in real-time.

    The virtual assistant can then follow up on people’s interactions, like if someone has been stalking or harassing them.

    Users can set up a password that prevents the app from tracking their movements, but the app will continue to send location data if they enter a password.

    Users don’t need to worry about the app tracking their location.

    It’s all encrypted, so the only people who can see it are the people who have the app installed.

    “The key thing for this is that it’s not something that’s available to the general public,” Hannon said.

    “There’s no way to know how the data will be used, and there’s no guarantee that it will be useful to anyone.”

    The team behind the app said they hope the app can help keep people safe online.

    “We want to help people stay safe online,” CEO and cofounder Nick Jorgensen said.

    The Mental Health project has received funding from the Howard Hughes Medical Institutes, the University at Albany, and the National Institute of Mental Health.

    The project is available for Android and iOS.

    It currently has around 10,000 users, and Hannon expects to launch a full version soon.

    “When people have access to a virtual service, they’re more likely to use it,” H Cannon said.

    “[But] we can’t do that unless we have an app that can provide them with a service that’s easy to use and safe.”


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