Posted October 07, 2019 07:24:13A few years ago, a patient named Tanya had a terrible episode.

    Tanya, who was diagnosed with depression and bipolar disorder, had been drinking heavily.

    She was so depressed she’d lost all her friends, and she felt alone in her grief.

    When she went to a psychiatric hospital, she was immediately diagnosed with schizophrenia.

    She spent a year at a psychiatric clinic, where she was prescribed antipsychotic medication, which was very effective for her, and then, when she was finally diagnosed with dementia, she got a care plan that allowed her to get some sleep and get her care scheduled.

    She began working as a receptionist at a hospital and eventually, she started taking care of the patients who were most vulnerable to mental illness.

    But the care she was providing wasn’t helping her.

    She wasn’t getting enough care from her patients and she was losing more and more people to mental health crises, she said.

    Tanya said she felt trapped and powerless, and that it was time to take a stand.

    She went public with her story, posting her diagnosis and her story on her Facebook page.

    She said she received support from several mental health professionals, including mental health advocates, and a support group for those who were struggling with mental health issues, but she didn’t receive much in the way of help from the hospital.

    “I wanted to show people that it is not a secret, that you can be a person who is a person, who can be treated, that it does not have to be a dark place, that we can be able to live with our pain and our sadness and our fear, and live with who we are, but we can also be able be happy, and have a productive, fulfilling life,” she said, speaking to a reporter at the time.

    “The problem is that the way that we treat someone who is experiencing mental illness is not always good enough.”

    After posting her story online, Tanya found herself in the center of a national debate.

    People who believe mental illness can be cured have been pushing for decades to allow patients to receive help from mental health providers, even when they don’t want to.

    Many of those efforts have been met with resistance from people who feel they should not be treated as they are, or that it would lead to more people being in harm’s way.

    But, this time, Tania was not just fighting back against those who opposed her treatment.

    She felt like she was fighting back, because the fight she was facing was so serious.

    She told a local TV station that she was so scared that she would not be able, as she was in the hospital, to work, because she felt like people were coming after her and that her children might get hurt.

    She said she started working at a care center for people with mental illness to help them get help and help her.

    It turned out that the care center that she worked at for four years was run by a group of women, and they treated the patients like they were a family, even though they didn’t know anyone at all.

    “They would go to their families, to their neighbors, and even to their friends and neighbors, to help us get through our day and make sure we were going to get our medication and get some rest,” she told the station.

    “And they would take care of us, so we could go out and enjoy our days and go to the park, and hang out with our friends, have a barbecue, and maybe go to a movie.

    It was amazing.”

    Tanya’s story resonated with many people who felt they were in danger, and her courage and perseverance was inspiring.

    She is now in remission, and has started a new career as a nurse practitioner and is now looking for a job.


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