What is mental illness?

    What are the symptoms?

    How can I get help?

    Why should I seek treatment?

    Who has a mental illness and how can I help?1.

    What is Mental Illness?

    What is mental illness?1 What causes mental illness: Cognitive impairment, mental retardation, attention deficit disorder, and related conditions2.

    Diagnosis and treatment: What’s the difference between mental illness (also known as major depressive disorder or bipolar disorder) and major depression?


    Diagnostic and Treatment of Major Depression: Major depression is a mood disorder in which the symptoms of the illness are severe, persistent, or recurrent.

    Its severity depends on the person and can range from mild to severe.3.

    Diagnosing Major Depression With a Psychologist or Psychiatrist: It can be difficult to diagnose a major depressive episode when a person has no symptoms and is not in a psychotic state.

    In order to diagnose major depression, your mental health provider will use a clinical assessment, which includes a diagnosis of depression, as well as questions about the person’s mood and behaviors.

    The assessment also can include questions about a person’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviors and their response to them.4.

    Diagnoses of Mental Illnesses: 1-A person may have a mental disorder, such as major depression or bipolar depression, or may have mild mental illness, such like anxiety disorder.2- A person may be experiencing major depressive episodes, panic disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, borderline personality disorder, or schizophrenia.3- A condition that causes a person to have severe, prolonged, or frequent symptoms, such in the form of anorexia nervosa, bipolar disorder, bipolar II disorder, panic attacks, generalized anxiety disorder, multiple personality disorder or schizophrenia, or obsessive compulsivity.4- A physical illness, like cancer or an injury, that can affect the functioning of the body or affect mental health.5- A mental disorder that causes loss of control over your thoughts, emotions, or behavior.6- A substance use disorder or dependence disorder that can cause physical or emotional harm.7- A personality disorder that includes antisocial, Machiavellian, or sadistic tendencies.8- A serious illness that affects the functioning or quality of your life.9- A life-threatening condition that requires immediate medical attention, such a life-saving infection, or a life threatening medical condition.10- A debilitating condition that affects your ability to make decisions or engage in other important activities.11- A disease or disorder that is disabling or prevents a person from working, attending school, or obtaining employment.12- A medical condition that is a chronic or life-endangering condition that can impair a person with disabilities.13- A genetic disorder that affects a person because of a mutation in one or more genes.14- A disorder that involves your immune system that has developed resistance to a substance, including viruses, bacteria, and fungi.15- A chronic condition that does not respond well to medication or other treatment, including HIV.16- A disability that causes physical or mental harm or that prevents you from doing things that normally would be enjoyable or rewarding, including, but not limited to, physical, mental, and emotional pain.17- A diagnosis of bipolar disorder or depression that requires an evaluation of your mental functioning and is severe enough to require hospitalization.18- A psychotic disorder that occurs when a significant part of your thinking, emotional behavior, and thinking about things changes.19- A major depressive or bipolar episode that has lasted more than two months.20- A non-medical, life-limiting illness that requires treatment or other treatments, including medication or surgical interventions.21- A psychological or psychiatric illness that causes severe mood swings or behaviors, such that you experience difficulty concentrating, planning, or engaging in activities that normally make you happy.22- A severe, life threatening condition that prevents a serious illness from progressing, such an infection, cancer, or an accident.23- A neurological disorder that impairs your brain function, such seizures, or traumatic brain injury.24- A self-injury that causes significant loss of mobility, including loss of use of one or both arms or legs.25- A traumatic injury to a person that has been the cause of serious injury to their body or to other people.26- A congenital abnormality, such abnormalities in a person due to physical or environmental factors, that is caused by a defect in one of the genes in the person, or due to genetic predisposition.27- A death or serious illness caused by an underlying medical condition, such injuries that occur while in pregnancy, or accidents that result in serious injury or death.28- A seizure disorder, which may cause seizures.29- A psychiatric disorder that results in significant changes in thinking, emotions and behavior.30- A family member or close relative who has a


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    RTE 2 days ago In Ireland, we’re facing a new wave of mental health illnesses.We’ve been through a mental health crisis, and we are facing a massive mental health health crisis in Ireland.The Irish Mental Health Council estimates that Ireland has the highest mental health…

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