There are more mental illness symbols than in any other state, and some of the most prominent are the following: • Munchkins, a reference to the munchkins that populate the Texas countryside.

    • A skull in the shape of a head.

    • An inverted heart, symbolizing a heart that beats.

    • The word “Tucker,” a reference that has been appropriated by Donald Trump supporters.

    The “Tuck” is an abbreviation of “tuck-it-away,” a phrase Trump supporters use to mock his supporters.

    • “Wagtail,” a nickname for a transgender woman.

    • Painted on a wall, a picture of a bull and a man eating a chicken, as well as a “V,” an acronym for “victory.”

    • The words “Tiger,” “Lion,” “Bear,” “Fox,” and “Pig” on a white wall in the Texas state Capitol.

    These symbols are not just decorative.

    They are the symbols of mental illness in Texas.


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