A federal mental health test is coming to Canadian citizens in the next few weeks.

    The test will ask Canadians about their mental health history and symptoms, and they will be asked to answer a series of questions about their emotional health, such as how they feel about themselves, and how they think about others.

    The tests will be offered through the Federal Health Insurance Program, which will cover the cost of one test.

    “It’s a very important tool for the mental health system to use to get people off the street, to get them into treatment, and to help them recover,” said Dr. David Smith, the lead psychiatrist for the Canadian Mental Health Association.

    He said the tests could help identify individuals who may have serious mental health problems, but don’t have an identifiable mental illness.

    The government said it hopes the test will improve access to services for people with mental illness, and will allow people to be screened when they’re referred to a health care provider.

    The federal government has already launched its mental health strategy, which was approved by the government and the House of Commons earlier this year.


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