With a growing number of people taking to the streets in protest against federal restrictions on recreational marijuana, the question of which cannabis strain is most credible for recreational use is becoming increasingly fraught.

    As more people seek medical marijuana and others try to access it legally, researchers have been studying how the two strains differ.

    But it’s unclear which strain is more likely to be effective at treating specific conditions.

    Here are our picks.


    Cannabis sativa strains are most effective at relieving pain, muscle spasms and other symptoms related to conditions that cause inflammation or pain, according to a recent study published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology.

    The researchers looked at the effects of cannabis sativa and indica strains that had been used to treat chronic pain.

    The cannabis sativas were tested on mice with inflammation, pain and muscle spasm symptoms, which included pain and inflammation.

    The research team found that both cannabis sativas and indicas caused more pain relief than CBD, the active ingredient in marijuana, but the cannabis sativism did not improve the pain relief.2.

    Canna-derived oils are particularly effective for relieving muscle spasticity, according a recent clinical trial published in Clinical Neuropsychopharmacologies.

    The team from the University of Sydney in Australia found that a CBD-rich oil was as effective as the CBD-infused CBD oil in reducing pain, spastic movements and muscle stiffness in patients with chronic pain and spastic movement disorders.3.

    CBD is particularly effective at suppressing inflammation and pain, which is also why cannabis is thought to have helped ease symptoms of Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis.

    In an experiment conducted in Germany, researchers found that CBD helped reduce inflammation and spasms in patients suffering from ulceration of the digestive tract, inflammatory bowel disease, and Crohns disease.4.

    CBD oil is more effective than THC-based medications in relieving symptoms of anxiety, depression, anxiety-related muscle spasmodic disorders, and spasm-related disorders, according the latest findings of a study published last month in the American Journal of Psychiatry.5.

    CBD-based marijuana products may be especially helpful for patients with certain types of PTSD symptoms.

    The latest results of a meta-analysis published in Biological Psychiatry suggest that the CBD/THC combination is more potent than either of the other two main types of marijuana strains.

    The authors found that patients with PTSD symptoms were more likely than those without PTSD symptoms to benefit from a combination of CBD-THC-CBD oil.6.

    CBD has anti-inflammatory properties and may relieve spasms associated with inflammatory bowel diseases and spasmatitis, according two recent studies published in Neuropsychobiology.7.

    The two strains of cannabis have been shown to decrease the production of inflammation-causing cytokines, which can be beneficial for the treatment of spastic symptoms and inflammation associated with Crohn, ulcer, and ulcers, according one study published by the European Journal of Pain in June.8.

    Cannabinoid agonists have been found to be very effective at preventing seizures, according an upcoming study published online in PLOS ONE.9.

    The use of cannabinoids to treat inflammatory bowel disorders has been shown in a series of clinical trials to reduce spastic and other joint pain, including joint spasms, according researchers from the Institute of Neurological Surgery at the University College London.10.

    CBD can also relieve muscle spastics and spasy muscles associated with arthritis, according research published in Medical Hypotheses in October 2017.11.

    Cannabinoids may have potential as adjuvants for some types of epilepsy.

    In a series the University at Albany School of Medicine in New York City published in October, researchers reported that cannabinoids can decrease spastic seizures and spastically spastic motor dysfunction in children.

    The findings may help to better understand the potential for cannabinoids to be used to help children with epilepsy.12.

    A new study published this month in Scientific Reports, from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, is the first to look at the efficacy of a synthetic cannabis extract that was derived from cannabis.

    The study found that the synthetic extract was more effective in relieting spasticities associated with the inflammatory bowel disorder ulcerations.13.

    A recent study in the journal PLOS One found that marijuana has an anti-cancer effect, and may help in treating cancers.14.

    In addition to its therapeutic effects, cannabinoids are also believed to have anti-aging properties, as they are able to help slow the aging process, according recent research published by Scientific Reports.15.

    Cannabis has shown promising anti-tumor and inflammatory properties, according scientific reports.

    In the most recent clinical trials, a cannabis extract had a significant anti-platelet-stimulating effect.16.

    Cannabidiol, the compound found in marijuana that causes the anti-estrogenic effect in cannabis, is one of the few


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