Greta Mental Illness Studies is a research project funded by the National Geographic Society to answer that question.

    The researchers hope their study will help dispel the stigma and confusion that often surrounds mental illness.

    “A lot of people think that it’s just a mental illness and that it can’t be anything else,” said psychologist and researcher Kristina Eichenbaum, one of the researchers.

    “The reality is that people with mental illnesses can be very different from people who have no mental illness.”

    Eichenbaum and her colleagues began the study in 2012 by surveying more than 200 participants who had been diagnosed with GAD, a rare genetic disorder that affects one in every 40,000 people.

    The study was intended to look at the impact that GAD has on people’s behavior, thoughts, emotions and self-esteem.

    The participants, who were mostly male, were asked to rate how they thought they were feeling mentally and emotionally.

    Participants who reported higher levels of mental illness were also more likely to report thinking they were mentally ill.

    The researchers then conducted several more surveys.

    In addition to the question about mental illness, the researchers also asked participants how they felt about their physical and emotional health, and whether they were anxious, depressed, or anxious about their mental health.

    Participants were also asked about the effects of their mental illness on their work, social life, relationships and school.

    “When you’re at the beginning stages of a disease like GAD and you’re feeling so negative, there’s a lot of shame, so we wanted to find out what people who were in the process of GAD actually thought,” Eichenberg said.

    The results of the study were published in the journal Current Directions in Psychological Science last month.

    The survey found that participants with a higher level of mental health reported feeling less anxious, less depressed and less anxious about the way their lives were.

    Participants also reported feeling more social and more confident, and less depressed about their health.

    Eichenberger and her team were able to identify specific aspects of mental illnesses that affected people’s lives in a particular way.

    For example, one participant with a history of bipolar disorder reported feeling extremely anxious about her health.

    The other participants in the study with a bipolar disorder felt depressed and anxious about all aspects of their lives, from their job to relationships and social life.

    In addition, the participants reported that they felt more positive and secure in their friendships.

    Participants with a high level of depression and anxiety also reported having less positive relationships, which Eichenberg said is often related to mental health problems.

    Participation in the research was voluntary, so the researchers were not able to ask participants about how they experienced their mental illnesses in a structured way.

    But Eichenbeck and her researchers hope the results of their research will help shed light on what happens to people who don’t have mental illnesses.

    “We hope that this study will provide some insight into what the experiences of people with GHD and mental illness are like, and hopefully we can better understand how we can best treat these illnesses and help people living with mental health issues,” Eichmann said.


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