A recent article in the Washington Post highlights the importance of adopting a children with a serious mental illness.

    As a result, many parents and caregivers are considering adopting a mentally ill child as an alternative to adopting a healthy child.

    But there are also mental health professionals who disagree.

    In this post, I’ll offer some of the issues that mental health advocates are grappling with when considering adopting children with serious mental illnesses.

    A major mental illness is considered serious when a person has a serious illness that has a significant effect on their daily functioning and quality of life.

    A person who has a mental disorder that affects their life has an underlying condition that affects how they think, feel, act, and interact with others.

    A mental disorder can include: anhedonia -a severe reduction in pleasure, interest, and activity.

    People with anhedonia often have difficulty focusing, thinking, or thinking clearly.

    They may become distracted by things, objects, or other people that they do not recognize, which can cause problems with their ability to function.

    They also can lose their social skills, including the ability to relate to others. 

    inattention -a lack of attention, difficulty concentrating, or lack of motivation to do anything.

    An inability to stay focused on something for more than a few seconds can result in problems with memory and ability to remember things.

    People who have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or other forms of attention deficit disorder are at higher risk of developing major mental disorders, such as depression, anxiety, and other disorders that affect their functioning and well-being. 

    insomnia -a prolonged period of sleep that may cause a person to be more withdrawn and irritable.

    People whose sleep patterns are disturbed may have difficulty concentrating and may feel like they are having difficulty concentrating on anything at all.

    They can also have problems sleeping or waking up in the morning.

    People suffering from anorexia nervosa have difficulty eating or concentrating. 

    social anxiety disorder -a psychological condition in which people have trouble coping with social situations or experiencing problems relating to others or with themselves.

    People experiencing social anxiety disorder often feel isolated, uncomfortable, or unable to trust people or situations that are not part of their everyday life.

    Social anxiety disorder is associated with a variety of problems, including: difficulty with socializing with others, feelings of isolation, and feelings of inadequacy.

    Social anxious disorder can affect a person’s quality of relationships and friendships, as well as their ability and willingness to interact with other people. 

    posttraumatic stress disorder -an illness in which traumatic events, such a war or natural disaster, are triggered by traumatic experiences.

    PTSD is a condition in the brain that affects the way a person thinks, feels, and feels.

    PTSD can result from: a traumatic event, such the death of a loved one or being physically injured, or witnessing a natural disaster or violent crime, such being hit by a car.

    PTSD also can result when a traumatic event or experience causes a person great fear or anxiety. 

    sudden, severe, or frequent traumatic events can result for a person in developing a disorder.

    These events include a sudden loss of a job, an accident, or a physical or mental illness, such traumatic injury to a loved person or a serious injury to themselves.

    In some cases, the symptoms of PTSD may include:a loss of social skills and confidence, or social distancing or avoidance.

    A loss of control over their lives, and an inability to communicate. 

    suffering from depression or anxiety disorders.

    In people with depression or who are having depression, the stress can cause a feeling of hopelessness and hopelessness can cause the person to act impulsively, which results in their feeling hopeless.

    People in this group are at increased risk for depression and anxiety disorders, including bipolar disorder. 

    anxiety disorder and other mood disorders.

    Some people with mood disorders experience severe symptoms, including a person who is depressed and anxious or who is anxious and depressed.

    Depression can also cause anxiety disorders such as anxiety and panic disorder.

    In a number of cases, people with bipolar disorder can have a significant impact on their lives and can lead to suicidal thoughts and behaviors. 

    some form of addiction.

    People struggling with a chronic substance addiction may experience a range of symptoms, from an increased need for alcohol and drugs to an increased appetite, which often leads to binge eating. 

    uncontrolled eating.

    An overeating or a poor eating pattern can lead a person with a disorder to overconsume food or alcohol, which may lead to an inability or inability to manage the weight and gain weight.

    In addition, overeating and binge eating can have serious physical and psychological consequences. 

    psychosis or mental retardation.

    A disorder like schizophrenia or bipolar disorder is characterized by:a disorder of thought, feeling, or behavior, a loss of self-control, and a need for constant reassurance, reassurance that no one can take away from or harm you. 

    severe social and interpersonal difficulties. People


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