People with mental illnesses often face stigma and discrimination in the workplace.

    Now a new trend is surfacing that’s targeting people with mental health issues.

    NBC News asked tattoo artists what they think of the tattoo trend.

    What do you think of tattooing mental illness with mental disabilities?

    Is it something people should be proud of?

    No, but I think it is a very positive thing that they are doing.

    I think that we should all be proud to have these tattoos.

    They should be very proud of them.

    Do you think they are a positive thing?

    Yes, yes, I do.

    What are the tattoos of people with chronic conditions like depression?

    I would like to ask them what they have on their body and tell them that we need to be more supportive of them and support them in getting this tattoo.

    We are all connected, and you can connect to all of us.

    That’s why we do this tattoo thing.

    What’s your reaction to people asking about tattoos?

    I think it’s great.

    I just wish there were more ways for people to be themselves and not feel like their own opinions were irrelevant.

    What is your opinion on the tattoo industry?

    I don’t think it has any business being a tattoo.

    You don’t need to have tattoos to be in this industry.

    Tattoos are not something you can get tattooed on.

    Tattooing is a way to show your body to the world.

    There’s nothing more beautiful than your body and you’re not in it.

    I like the idea of it being a way of showing support and acceptance, even if that means you’re going to tattoo someone else’s body.

    What’s your opinion of tattoo artists?

    I have tattoos.

    My wife has a lot of tattoos.

    I would have to say my tattoo is her body.

    Why would I want to do a tattoo that shows a part of myself to the public?

    Why do you feel that tattoo artists are being unfairly blamed?

    I feel that a lot in the tattoo world.

    You have to put yourself out there and show people what you can do, even in a positive way.

    I don’t know that there’s any one right way.

    There are some tattoo artists that have been really supportive and really kind and really nice.

    I like them.

    Is that really the best way to represent yourself?


    Are you a tattoo artist?

    I am a tattooing artist.

    What tattoos are you looking to get done?

    Is there a particular tattoo you’re particularly interested in?

    I really like tattoos that have a little bit of a personality, and I like those that have lots of colors.

    Do I like a lot?

    I think so.

    What would you recommend?

    I like something that has a bit of personality.

    What about a big heart?

    I really like a big, colorful heart.

    Do people like a little more personality?

    I love it.

    I do like a small heart.

    Do you have any advice for people who are looking to make a career out of tattoo?

    I tell people to always ask yourself what you really want out of life, and that’s to become a good person and a good worker.

    The tattoo industry is a good place to get that.

    Do people get tattoos for different reasons?

    I get tattoos as a result of a lot different reasons.

    I get them because they are important to me.

    They help me feel important.

    I feel I’m being seen.

    It helps me feel that I am appreciated.

    Are there any tattoos you would like the public to know about?

    The ones that show my inner self, the ones that are very supportive, I would really like to see a lot more.

    What is your advice to people looking to start a business out of tattoos?

    You can make a great living out of it.

    But there is a limit to what people will pay you to do.

    You can make great money out of a business if you just have a great business plan.

    Tattos have an inherent value.

    What does that have to do with your business?

    A lot of people just go and buy a tattoo and they get a tattoo, but then the tattoo company loses money.

    So I would advise people to not buy tattoos until you’ve had a really good business plan, and to build it up slowly.

    It will help you be a better person.


    ‘Mental health illnesses’

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