A mental health provider may be willing to help, but they may also be a danger.

    In the latest USA Today series on mental health providers, a series of videos from the National Alliance on Mental Illness show that even the most qualified mental health workers can harbor harmful biases, which can make it difficult to access care for people with mental illness.

    USA Today spoke with mental health professionals about how to navigate these hurdles, and why it’s important to have a mental illness professional check up on you before you go into a treatment setting.

    Read more here.

    A mental health professional may be interested in hearing from you.

    You can reach them through the National Center for Mental Health website at: www.ncmh.gov or call 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

    If you or a loved one is suffering from a mental disorder, you can get help from a licensed professional.

    Some providers can provide a referral to a qualified mental medical provider, or you can contact a mental care facility, mental health agency, or mental health clinic.

    The National Alliance for Mental Illnesses website at www.namanet.org provides information about licensed mental health facilities.

    The National Alliance to End Domestic Violence (NADV) offers crisis intervention services to women and children who are victims of intimate partner violence and is also a provider of free crisis intervention.

    They offer confidential, confidential and safe services for women and girls who are at risk of domestic violence and their families.

    The service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

    You or your loved one can reach their service provider by phone, email, or mail at: 1-866-929-2777.NADVA offers free and confidential crisis intervention to women, children and people with disabilities.

    It also offers crisis support services for men and youth who are impacted by domestic violence.

    The organization provides crisis intervention, mental and emotional support, and resources to survivors of domestic abuse.

    The crisis services include a free 24-hour crisis intervention hotline, an online 24-Hour Crisis Intervention Hotline, and free counseling.

    Callers can reach a confidential hotline for men who have experienced domestic violence, or reach the National Domestic Violence Hotline for women who are experiencing domestic violence as well.

    To find more information on crisis services, contact: 1.800.741.9463 or visit www.domesticviolence.gov/fds.

    The program is available at no cost to survivors.

    The Crisis Text Line provides a 24- hour emergency number to women in crisis who are not able to reach their provider.

    It is available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., and text to 800-474-7233.

    This number is not toll free.

    For the latest information, call: 1-(800) 273-TEL (8273).

    The crisis line is available by appointment only.

    Call 1-877-826-4455.

    The number is available only from 9:00 a.meetings to 11:00 p.meets.

    Call a Crisis Center at a crisis center for help or information about domestic violence prevention.

    The Domestic Violence Intervention Center provides emergency counseling, crisis intervention and referral services for those who experience domestic violence or have been victims of domestic assault.

    Call the center at 1-855-921-4433.

    The crisis center is available to anyone who has been victimized by domestic or sexual violence and needs support.

    The center is staffed by trained counselors and can be reached by phone or text at:1-800.784.7111.

    This hotline is staffed 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, and can provide 24-hours crisis intervention assistance to people experiencing domestic or sex violence.

    Call the Domestic Violence Support Line at 1-(888)827-0231.

    The Crisis Intervention Program is a 24/7 crisis hotline for victims of abuse and survivors of sexual violence.

    It provides support to victims, their loved ones and their community.

    The hotline is available in a 24 hour period.

    Call (800) 832-3321 for more information.

    Call or text to 911 and report domestic or other crimes.

    Call 911 from a phone, text, or email and your local police department.

    The police department will get your call immediately.

    The emergency hotline is a free telephone and text service that is accessible 24 hours, seven day a week.

    The emergency hotline number is 1-888-827.

    The 24 hour crisis call line is 1-(877) 826.

    The 911 emergency call line can be dialed at 1.877.826.

    This service is for domestic violence victims who need immediate help.

    You may need to reach your abuser or victim’s family first.

    Call emergency services at 1 (800)-889-9453 or text the police department at 1(800) 923-2322.

    The 24-hr crisis hotline is the closest available option for victims who are facing domestic


    ‘Mental health illnesses’

    RTE 2 days ago In Ireland, we’re facing a new wave of mental health illnesses.We’ve been through a mental health crisis, and we are facing a massive mental health health crisis in Ireland.The Irish Mental Health Council estimates that Ireland has the highest mental health…

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