Mental illness education in America is in crisis.

    It has become so dysfunctional that our schools have become a magnet for mentally ill kids and our mental health services are in crisis as well.

    It is time for mental health providers to step up and become part of the solution.

    The only way to make a dent in the crisis is to change how our schools are staffed and educate our kids about mental health.

    We are in a time of extreme stress, but there is a lot we can do to ease the stress and improve the quality of our schools.

    We can help create a climate where mental illness and mental health education are viewed as a positive, empowering force for mental wellbeing.

    And we can get out of our own way.

    The Mental Illnesses Awareness Week and Awareness Day is an opportunity to bring attention to the problem of mental illness in America and make a difference in the lives of our students.

    These are two of the best days to promote mental health awareness, and we are encouraging all schools to join in this month of mental health care.

    This week, we are hosting a special event at the National Mall in Washington, D.C., that will be dedicated to mental health and education.

    The event will be open to all students, teachers, and administrators.

    Participants will learn about mental illness from experts and experts will share their own experiences of living with mental illness.

    We will have a mental health educator on hand to educate participants about mental illnesses and provide guidance on how to navigate mental health issues.

    We have been inundated with calls from people who have experienced mental illness, many of whom are worried about their mental health, how they are coping, and what they need to do to get the help they need.

    The events we will host on Tuesday, April 8, are designed to provide a space for people to learn more about mental wellness, mental health in schools, and how to best treat their mental illnesses.

    We want to help the public understand that mental illness is a disease and that the public has the power to improve the mental health of our communities.

    If you are interested in participating, please click here.

    We encourage everyone to share their thoughts on mental health on social media using the hashtag #MIAWK.

    We also encourage you to share your stories, experiences, and experiences of mental wellness.

    We appreciate your support and hope you will join us on the ground floor of this initiative.

    As always, please be respectful and professional, and remember that you are not alone in experiencing mental illness or mental health problems.

    We thank you for your time and cooperation.


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