In the summer of 2015, my girlfriend, Katie, and I went out to dinner with a group of friends.

    We were in a romantic mood, and Katie had a plan.

    She’d brought a few things with her: a stuffed bear, a big, green, pink and white cheetah cub, a stuffed panda, a giant teddy bear, and a couple of old teddy bears.

    Katie would also give us all a stuffed animal that she’d picked up in the grocery store.

    Katie and I had been dating for six months, and it was one of the first times we really dated.

    I was so into this plan that I didn’t even notice that my girlfriend was getting the bear until Katie asked me what I was thinking.

    She was going to give me a stuffed teddy Bear for Valentine’s Day, so I went to bed that night and fell asleep.

    But a few hours later, Katie texted me to tell me I was bipolar.

    Katie’s bipolar diagnosis was coming, and in less than 24 hours, Katie would have to start her treatment.

    She had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, or Bipolar I, shortly after we met.

    We had met while Katie was attending the University of Maryland, and she was diagnosed with Bipolar II shortly after she graduated.

    Katie was the first person I knew who had Bipolar III.

    Katie had bipolar disorder and Bipolar IV.

    Katie, like most people with bipolar disorders, has a few symptoms.

    When Katie gets manic or hypomanic, she can be very anxious, angry, and hyperactive.

    She can be hypervigilant and can have a very hard time concentrating.

    She will often experience hallucinations, which are often of little concern to people in her condition.

    Sometimes Katie will experience delusions and hallucinations that are very similar to those that people with BPD have.

    She often will have trouble sleeping and can get irritable.

    Katie can also be very moody and will often be irritable and angry.

    These symptoms of Bipolar disorder can lead to very dangerous behavior.

    I had never met Katie, but I knew she had a mental illness, so my anxiety was all the more intense.

    I began to notice that Katie had very high levels of anxiety and depression, and that the symptoms were so severe that it was impossible to avoid them.

    Katie often struggled to get out of bed and could be extremely difficult to manage, even though she was in her late twenties.

    Katie said she couldn’t do anything about her mood swings.

    She couldn’t stop thinking about the pain and sadness in her life.

    She said she wasn’t depressed, but she didn’t feel like she had any control over it.

    I would go to her house and see if she was at work, but it was hard to understand why she didn´t want to work.

    I also tried to get Katie help from friends, but they wouldn´t listen to me.

    Katie wasn’t going to admit to her mental health issues, so she was just trying to avoid being diagnosed.

    Katie didn’t want to be in the same room as people who had a serious mental illness.

    Katie wanted to be able to take her medication, but if she had to stay home, it was too much.

    I felt very isolated.

    Katie went on the Internet a lot, and her depression was becoming more pronounced.

    I found a website called MyLife in Depression and was told by a friend that I should get Katie treatment.

    My Life in Depression was a website I could go to if I wanted to find out more about Bipolar.

    I went online and looked up the symptoms of bipolar disorder.

    There was a page called the Bipolar Index.

    I could only read one page at a time.

    I didn´ t know how to read it, so it was difficult to follow the link that said the symptoms.

    I just tried to do my best to understand what was going on.

    I started to read through articles and blogs.

    I read some that were written by people who were struggling with BPMs and found that some of them were very knowledgeable.

    I tried to contact a couple people who treated Katie and found out that Katie was in treatment.

    I emailed a few people who worked in treatment facilities, and they told me Katie had recently started a program.

    Katie also found out from a friend of hers that she was going through a lot of depression, anxiety, and other symptoms.

    Katie told me that she wasn´t in any type of emotional crisis.

    She told me she was on medication for her Bipolar Disorder, and was on antidepressants for her anxiety.

    I contacted Katie again about getting treatment and she said that she didn�t know where to turn.

    She didn´T know what to do.

    I said that I wanted her to come to me because she wasn`t sure she could do it alone, and there was nothing I could do to help her.

    Katie started to think about what she would do if she were in an abusive relationship.

    I told her that


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