From the comfort of your own home, you can’t be certain that you are suffering from a mental illness.

    But a new survey of more than 20,000 Americans suggests that the stigma associated with mental illness may be causing some people to think they have it worse than they actually do.

    The survey found that people were less likely to believe in the concept of mental illness than in the number of people with it.

    And more than a third of Americans said they were less confident in their ability to diagnose their own mental illness when compared with the general population.

    “People think they are so ill, they don’t know what they are going through,” said Krista Dyer, a psychologist at the University of Minnesota who conducted the survey.

    The poll was conducted by YouGov, which works with several organizations including the National Alliance on Mental Illness, the National Association of State Mental Health Directors and the American Psychiatric Association.

    The results were released this week by the American Psychological Association, which said the survey “demonstrates the increasing need for comprehensive mental health care services.”

    It said it is also the most comprehensive survey of mental health in the United States to date.

    In the past decade, there has been an increase in the prevalence of mental illnesses, especially among teenagers.

    In addition, there is evidence that the number and type of mental disorders is increasing, as is the rate of suicide among people over age 25.

    But experts said that while the current epidemic may be changing, the symptoms are not.

    “There’s no cure for mental illness,” said Dr. Jennifer P. Smith, director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

    “What you’re seeing is that the epidemic is growing, and there are new and more effective ways to treat the symptoms of mental disorder.”

    What’s mental illness?

    What causes mental illness and how can we treat it?

    The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) defines mental illness as a range of psychological symptoms and behaviors that are characterized by difficulty in functioning, poor social functioning, or excessive thoughts, feelings or behaviors.

    According to the DSM-5, mental disorders include depression, anxiety, anxiety disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and major depression.

    The APA said the poll “demonstrate[s] that while there are many different types of mental distress, they are largely understood to be a symptom of mental disease.”

    The API said that, in general, people do not need to believe that they have a mental disorder to be at risk.

    But it noted that there are signs of the disorder.

    People with a history of suicide are at increased risk for developing symptoms, the APA noted.

    For example, people with an anxiety disorder or a depression disorder are at higher risk of developing symptoms of depression.

    There are also risks for people who are bipolar, who have an illness of the mind, or who are suffering multiple personality disorder, among others.

    A person who is at high risk for depression or anxiety disorder may also experience difficulties sleeping, overeating and having problems concentrating.

    And people who have bipolar disorder may have trouble with impulse control, a difficulty with thinking clearly, and a difficulty staying motivated, the researchers wrote.

    What are the signs and symptoms?

    People can have multiple types of depression and anxiety disorders, and the signs are often different depending on the severity of their illness.

    People may have: a severe depressive episode lasting months or years;


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