If you think you’re just getting upset at the people around you, you might want to stop.

    Here’s what you need to know about the mental illness epidemic.


    What is mental illness?

    Mental illness is a complex, often dangerous disease that affects people of all ages, races and backgrounds.

    It’s caused by a range of factors, including anxiety, depression, substance abuse and substance abuse disorders.

    It can affect people of any age, but mental illness can be most prevalent in older people, people with a disability and people with mental health problems.


    How many people are diagnosed with mental illness in the US?

    In 2017, the number of people with depression in the United States hit an all-time high, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

    That number jumped from 8.6 million in 2015 to 11.4 million in 2016, and it’s on track to reach an all time high in 2019.

    The CDC reports that in 2016 and 2017, at least 1 in 4 adults with a mental illness had been diagnosed.

    According to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), the number for 2017 was 7.4 per 1,000 adults.

    According the American Association of Suicidology, the lifetime risk of having a mental disorder is 1 in 200.

    The risk is higher for older adults.


    How do I get help?

    The best way to get help is to talk to a mental health professional.

    The best kind of support can be found online, but there are some things you can do yourself.

    Here are some ways to find out more about mental health: 1.

    Find a therapist online.

    If you don’t have a mental-health professional to talk with online, talk to one at your local library, health center, community health center or even a friend or relative.

    These types of programs are free and confidential.

    2, Find out how to get support online.

    Find out what services are available at your state mental health agency.

    Ask about free, confidential mental health support and referrals.

    3, Get the most up-to-date information about mental-illness care at the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI).

    NAMI provides resources to help you find and access help online.

    NAMI’s National Mental Health Resources Center has a complete list of resources and can also help you contact your local mental health provider or contact your state agency.


    Find resources at your community center or library.

    A library can have a lot of resources, including materials, free and low-cost health screenings, and support groups for mental-care professionals.

    Libraries also have resources that are often open to the public.

    Find the resources closest to you.

    You can also check out the Mental Health Alliance website, which provides information about support groups and resources for people who are struggling with mental- health issues.


    Get tested.

    The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) offers online testing and screenings to help people who have a medical diagnosis with their mental health.

    You may also be able to get tests done at a hospital, community clinic, or by a doctor.

    If possible, you should get tested at home.


    Find other support.

    Many of the resources listed above also have online support groups or support groups that are free to join.

    You could also contact a support group for people living with mental disorders at a local church, synagogue, mosque or other religious organization.


    Check with a local advocacy group.

    The Association of State and Territorial Mental Health Directors (ASMHHD) provides resources for local mental-Health Directors.

    You might find information about local mental illness resources in your local paper, television, radio, magazine or other local publication.


    Check in with a professional.

    If your doctor recommends testing, talk with a health care provider or other health care professional.

    You’ll need to be comfortable talking about your symptoms with a doctor and understand what you should be tested for.


    Find more resources.

    You don’t need to go alone to find help.

    You and a friend should ask around and talk to other people who’ve had a mental or emotional disorder.

    If a friend has a doctor or other professional to help, they can also find out what their next steps are.


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