A mentally ill man who got his name on the list of Cabinet Ministers has told The Times Of India that he no longer believes he is mentally ill.

    Mr Manoj Kumar, 55, from the northern town of Nagpur, had been identified as a Cabinet Minister by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

    The government’s decision to give Mr Kumar his ministerial title came on Tuesday.

    The Cabinet Minister is one of the cabinet ministers whose names were added to the list by Mr Modi’s party after he became the chief minister of Gujarat state.

    The party has said Mr Kumar was not the leader of the party.

    Mr Kumar told The Indian Express that he had a mental health problem in the past and had been given the title by the party in order to save him from having to face the stigma of having a mental illness.

    He said he had sought help from his family and the Centre for treatment and was in a rehabilitation facility.

    “I didn’t believe that I had mental illness at all,” Mr Kumar said.

    “The name stuck.

    I thought I had a psychological problem but the name didn’t help.

    The BJP has said that Mr Kumar has been cleared by a mental hospital. “

    It is a disgrace that a minister should be given this title and that it should be handed to him by the government,” he added.

    The BJP has said that Mr Kumar has been cleared by a mental hospital.

    “He has been tested and cleared by the mental hospital,” a BJP spokesperson said.

    The National Mental Health Commission (NMHCC) said that it was “unclear” whether Mr Kumar had been treated for mental illness or if he was the victim of an “unprecedented and malicious attempt to frame him”.

    The NMHCC also said it was not clear if the name on his cabinet list was added after he was discharged from a hospital.

    The NHAI, a non-profit organisation that helps people with mental health issues, said it had not received any complaints about Mr Kumar.

    The association said that the BJP had not informed it about Mr Modi giving the cabinet title to Mr Kumar, and that he should have been informed about the Cabinet Minister title before the announcement.

    The names were also removed from the government’s website and the Bharatiyah Janata party website, a move that is not seen as a good idea given that the name is seen as derogatory and could lead to political and legal repercussions.

    “If this is the case, why did the government not inform the person who got the title to know that it is being given to him?”

    Mr Kumar asked.

    He added that the government should have also informed him of the name change.

    “They should have told me that they are putting me on the government list,” Mr Manaj Kumar said, adding that he was in good health now.

    “What should I do now?

    My family has been supporting me for the past three years.

    It’s not just the name, the caste, and my parents are supporting me.”


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