A new national database is being developed by the US Department of Homeland Security to track mental health illnesses and the impact they are having on people.

    The database will allow for the monitoring of trends in mental health and substance use issues, and also for people’s mental health history.

    It was announced by DHS Chief John Kelly, and the department will also use the data to identify potential sources of public health threats to public safety, according to the US Congress.

    The program is one of many initiatives announced by the Trump administration this year aimed at curbing mental health problems.

    The Department of Justice announced the launch of the National Initiative on the Mentally Ill in January.

    The program aims to use data to improve the mental well-being of the general population.

    “In order to address this issue and provide the most effective mental health care and recovery services to those in need, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) will continue to collect data on people’s health status,” the Department said in a statement.

    “HHS will use this data to develop comprehensive and innovative solutions to address the mental disorders that affect millions of Americans.”

    These solutions will be designed to improve mental health treatment, improve public health outcomes, and promote economic recovery.”DHS has been working on the project for several years.

    The agency has used data to help improve its own mental health efforts.

    In December, the department unveiled a similar database for the states.


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