TechCrunch – 2 minutes ago This week’s podcast is brought to you by…

    Google Glass.

    Tired of feeling like you have a chip on your shoulder when you go to a meeting?

    Google Glass will give you the confidence to be your authentic self.

    Google Glass is an eyewear that you can wear to look around at your surroundings.

    Google Glass uses an eye-tracking device to record your vision and uses the data to display information on the inside of the headset.

    The Google Glass wearable is not only great for looking around, it’s great for making decisions, and it makes you more confident to make difficult decisions.

    If you are a tech geek like me, you might want to check out this Google Glass app that helps you to make your life easier.

    This app helps you create a Google Glass calendar for you to look forward to.

    It also lets you check out Google Glass-related events and projects and share your photos with the Google Glass community.

    It’s time to make a Google Lens app that will help you to become a more productive, confident, and productive member of the tech community.

    You might have seen the app on the Google Home app, but now you can also create your own custom Google Lens apps for Google Glass, Google Home, Google Assistant, and other Google devices.

    There are so many awesome apps out there for Google Home that I’ve chosen 10 of my favorite apps that I think are great.

    Here’s how you can create a free Google Lens App: 1. 

    Create a Google Home Google Lens project.

    Create a new Google Home project with a new name and a different title. 

    Your Google Home will be your Google Glass workspace.

    The Google Glass Home app is your main Google Glass interface.

    Create a Google glass app in your Google Home.


    Create an app for Google Lens. 

    In the Google Lens section of your Google home screen, create an app with a name that matches your GoogleGlass name.

    For example, if you want to create a new app called “Google Lens” for GoogleGlass, select the GoogleGlass app name and type in “Google Home.”


    Launch the GoogleLens app. 

    Select the GoogleHome app from the menu on the left.


    You will see a list of GoogleGlass apps on the right side of the screen.

    Select a GoogleGlass project from the list.

    You can drag and drop any GoogleGlass projects into the project list, and the Googleglass app will show up. 5.

    Create the Google glass calendar app. 

     Select the Calendar app from your home screen.


    Select the Calendar.

    From the dropdown menu, choose “Google Glass.”


    Choose “Add GoogleGlass to Calendar” to add the Google glasses app to your calendar.


    When the app is installed, GoogleGlass will appear in the calendar.


    Create your GoogleLens Google Glass project. 

    Tap on the calendar to start a new project.

    You’ll see the GoogleGoogleGlass app appear in your home screens view.


    You should now see the calendar and GoogleGlass appear in separate windows.


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