I feel like I’ve been in the closet for too long.

    I’ve always wanted to be a mental artist, and I wanted to show that I wasn’t alone.

    And I’ve tried to keep it that way, and now that I have an actual profession, it feels really, really good to be able to share my art with the world.

    I started in 2013 as a student at the New School for Design, where I taught myself how to paint and draw.

    I was inspired by the work of other artists, like Carina de Ruyter and Lisa Mazzucchelli.

    I decided to pursue my artistic dreams and become a mental health artist.

    Now, with my own studio, I have a unique and creative way to share what I am seeing with people all over the world in a way that I never could before.

    But there’s a long road ahead of me.

    I feel very blessed to be in a position to help people who need help.

    And that’s where I’m coming from.

    In a world where we don’t really talk about mental health or mental illness in a positive way, it’s a lot of people who have had a tough time dealing with it.

    They have a lot to live with, and the way I’ve dealt with it is by telling my story.

    It’s been really challenging to keep my story out there in a very positive way.

    I’m lucky that I am also able to be open with people who I’ve seen that have had mental health issues and come to me.

    Now that I’m able to talk about my experiences with depression, bipolar, anxiety, and other mental illnesses, it allows me to have more space to share and to be more vulnerable.

    I hope that my work will help people find out more about mental illness and that it helps others understand what they are dealing with.

    As an artist, I’ve found that I love to express myself in all sorts of different ways.

    My art can be very personal.

    It can also be very political.

    So I think that I’ve learned a lot about how to tell my story in a safe and respectful way, both for myself and for other people who are dealing.

    And it has been a privilege to share with people around the world that I don’t have to live in a cage of stigma or fear.

    When you’re a mental illness artist, it can be really difficult to know what to do with yourself or your art, especially if you’ve been dealing with mental health for a long time.

    And there are some very strong feelings of shame about your art and your mental health that you can’t really change.

    I do hope that I can help someone in a difficult situation feel more comfortable and empowered.

    That’s what it’s all about, and that’s what I want to do.

    But for me personally, it is hard because I feel I’m living in a world that has a lot more stigma than it does art.

    And to be honest, I feel that it’s very hard to make art that is not stigmatized.

    I don’st feel like people will look at it as something that is negative, and therefore, it will be viewed as not worthy.

    So that’s really the challenge.

    When I was in college, I used to be really ashamed of myself, and it was a big struggle to find a way to not be ashamed of my own thoughts and feelings.

    Now I think about that as an art teacher, and as a person who deals with mental illness, it doesn’t really matter what you do.

    It is something you choose to be.

    And as a mental disorder artist, you have to be willing to say that.

    That is your life, and you have choices to make.

    I have the right to express my own mental health experiences.

    And when I do it, I’m also willing to accept that my choices and my choices aren’t perfect.

    But that is a choice.

    So there is nothing wrong with being honest and expressing yourself, but I also know that that’s going to be challenging.

    I just think that it is important to keep in mind that I know I have chosen a very vulnerable way of being.

    And maybe the world will see it as more courageous, because they won’t be judging you.

    But at the same time, it might not be the way you want it to be, and people are going to look at you differently.

    So it is a really hard decision to make, but one I am really grateful for.

    It feels like a good, safe, and honest way to express the way that you’re feeling, and for that, I am grateful.

    I know that it will take some time to get to where I want, and there are a lot things I still need to learn about myself and my mental health.

    But I hope I have found the path to being a better person, and to having more peace with myself.

    I also want to say thank you to my fans, my fans.

    I really want


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