A transgender person can have an appointment at a mental hospital, but only if they’re trans mental. 

    It means you can be taken to the clinic to be treated and to see your GP, but not if you’re a man or woman. 

    In a recent report from the Mental Health Alliance, the transgender and gender non-conforming community were denied access to medical care for mental illness treatment. 

    “I’m hoping this is going to be a huge positive step,” said Amanda Batson, the executive director of the mental health organisation. 

    She said the NHS has long recognised that transgender people can need help. 

    The report also highlighted the importance of mental health education. 

    “[The] National Service for Transgender Health and Gender Identity Development is the most inclusive and inclusive service for transgender people in the NHS.”

    Our service provides services to those who may be transgender, gender nonconforming or trans people who identify as not gender-conformist or transgender,” Ms Batson said. 

    So, what is mental health? 

    The NSPCC says mental health is about treating mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety, and helps people cope with the stress of life. 

    A person can be diagnosed with a mental disorder if they experience distress and need help in addressing it. 

    For more information, visit the NSPCA website. 

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