If you’re suffering from mental illness or know someone who is, you may not know much about how to get help.

    This article examines what mental illness looks like in the United States.

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    In the United Kingdom, the number of people with mental illness has more than doubled since 1990, according to a survey by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence.

    And mental illness can cause a host of negative outcomes.

    The most common of these is self-harm, which causes permanent damage to a person’s body and mind.

    The mental health of those with mental illnesses is also far less likely to be well-managed, according the report by the Office for National Statistics.

    But even as the number has doubled, so has the stigma around mental illness.

    People who are mentally ill are seen as less of a threat, the National Alliance on Mental Illness says.

    And while there are more than 15 million people with a mental illness in the UK, more than half of these people are either unemployed or on the dole, according a survey of employers by the Institute for Fiscal Studies.

    That makes it particularly difficult for people to seek treatment, according David MacGregor, an associate professor at University College London who researches mental health issues in the U.K. “There is an implicit stigma around people who have a mental disorder, but that is a lot of people without it.”

    It can be hard to get the help you need in a culture that has a very negative view of mental illness and it’s easy to see it as being a criminal, or a mental problem, MacGregore says.

    People with mental health problems may feel ashamed or they may fear they will be seen as a danger.

    In some places, such as in the Netherlands, mental illness appears to be a protected status, as it is often viewed as a health issue.

    People without mental illness are not charged with a crime, and they are not treated in jail.

    But they can be subjected to public humiliation and stigmatization.

    In Britain, the government has launched a campaign to end the stigma surrounding mental illness that MacGregors says is a “huge mistake” and a “misunderstanding of the illness.”

    It’s hoped that the campaign will raise awareness of the mental health crisis in the country, and lead to better services for those with a serious mental illness who cannot seek treatment.

    What can you do to improve mental health?

    As with any health care, there are many ways to help a person who is suffering from a mental health condition, said Caroline O’Connell, a consultant psychologist in psychiatry and director of the National Mental Health Service at the University of Portsmouth.

    The key is understanding the underlying conditions, she said.

    She said mental health professionals should be aware of what causes the symptoms, and how to intervene if the condition worsens.

    O’Connell also recommends that people who are concerned about their mental health should discuss this with a trusted mental health professional, as well as family members and friends.

    And if you or someone you know is feeling stressed, it may be helpful to consider going to a mental hospital, according MacGregoris.

    Some ways to cope include taking part in group therapy, or taking time to relax, such is the importance of mental health for a person with a chronic illness.

    And for those who have been through difficult times in their lives, such support may also be important.

    “You don’t need to be depressed or suicidal to need mental health,” O’Connor said.

    “What we need to do is understand how our lives can be transformed, so that we can all move past these challenges.”


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