It’s been three years since we last heard from Tommi Pääbo.

    The Finnish journalist and blogger has been blogging for the past decade, and last year, the site he writes for received a virtual black eye.

    Now he says the fallout from his blog was more than just bad PR.

    He says the website was taken offline after the company he works for, Aalto University, refused to let him publish a video with his name attached to it.

    “We were told that our work was a waste of time and money, that we were not really important, and that we could have it deleted and put in another article, without any notice,” Päyno said.

    In December of last year the site was back up, but only after several users contacted Päinbo’s manager to ask him to remove the offending content from the site.

    Päinenbo is now trying to get back onto the site, but the university has so far refused to comply.

    Pihlätä has been on Twitter since May of this year.

    “When I wrote my blog, I didn’t think that this was going to be a long journey,” Pihllätae told me over the phone from Helsinki.

    “I thought that I’d be able to get there, but in reality, it’s been very hard.”

    He now works as a consultant for an advertising agency, and he says he’s also been unable to get a job since the shutdown.

    Puhlättäs blog has garnered hundreds of thousands of views and over 2,000 comments.

    He’s also written an ebook about his experience, which is now available on the company’s website.

    He said that, while it’s not possible to tell what the company was thinking at the time, he believes that their decision was motivated by profit.

    “It was probably based on a lot of pressure,” he said.

    Pahlätö was the last person on the island to be banned from the island.

    It was a decision made by a committee composed of representatives of the island’s public health authority and other island authorities, including the local government.

    Paju, a spokesperson for the Public Health Agency, told me that the ban was the result of a public health emergency that had arisen from the release of a video that showed a man being punched in the face by a man with a knife.

    The video, in Finnish, was taken down, Pahlai said.

    He also told me the committee that decided on the ban didn’t have a lot to do with what happened to Päihlattäs site.

    The ban, he said, came down because the content was inappropriate and had been viewed millions of times.

    Pahläteo, who is also a journalist and lecturer, told the BBC that the situation with the company, AALto, was “horrific.”

    “Aalto, a company that’s supposed to be protecting Finnish citizens, has been making these types of decisions,” Pahldo said, referring to the company that Pahlamed to be taking over after Päiruo went down.

    Pohläts experience with the internet is different from Pahlaedos.

    Pohlät is the founder of a Finnish social media site called Pohli, which allows users to share pictures and videos, and the website is now offline.

    Paho, meanwhile, was also on the receiving end of the company shutdown, but he says his experiences were completely different.

    He explained that he was initially concerned about the potential for trolls and abuse.

    “But then I started getting death threats, which was really disturbing,” Paho said.

    “This was a really scary experience, because it was really easy to be caught in the crossfire of people trying to attack and harass me.”

    Pahlae is currently in the process of writing a book about his experiences, and hopes to release it by the end of 2020.

    “The internet has changed everything for people, for the worse,” he told me.

    “And if you’re not prepared, you’re going to have a very hard time.”


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