The Mental Health Commission (MHCC) is calling for better access to mental health services in the UK.

    A report released on Wednesday says that the government needs to address stigma and enable mental illness.

    The report said the NHS is failing people with mental health conditions, which has led to an increase in the number of people in crisis and suicide.

    It recommends a new system to enable people to access the mental health care they need.

    The commission said it was not yet clear how the new system would work, and said the new legislation needed to be properly scrutinised.

    It also suggested the introduction of a cap on people receiving mental health treatment, in addition to a national strategy to prevent the spread of mental illness to other parts of the country.

    The new report said more than 1.4 million people in the country suffer from mental illness each year, with nearly 1.3 million of them in England.

    In total, nearly one in three people with a mental illness are living in poverty, according to the report.

    The MHCC said it believed the number had more to do with the current mental health crisis than anything the government has done in recent years.

    It said the report showed that the system in place in the United Kingdom is inadequate.

    “The Government should consider the implications of its own reforms on access to treatment and support for people with serious mental health issues,” the report said.

    It urged the Government to set up a national mental health strategy that includes the introduction, expansion and support of a universal mental health service.


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