Posted October 01, 2018 09:30:14 A 17-year-old girl who suffered from severe depression, bipolar disorder and anorexia nervosa struggled with her physical appearance and mental health.

    The girl told Mashable her struggles began after her family moved to Australia.

    “I’ve been in a very, very dark place,” the teen told Mashables.

    “There’s been no help, no help at all.

    I’m very lonely, very isolated, very lonely.”

    The teen says she is living in the same house with her mother and stepfather, who have mental health issues.

    “It’s a really, really dark place, and there’s so much negativity around me,” she said.

    “You can see the effects of all the negativity and what I have to deal with every day.”

    The teenager’s mother, who asked to remain anonymous, said her daughter was diagnosed with ADHD and bipolar disorder.

    “She was struggling with depression and anxiety.

    She had borderline personality disorder,” she told Mashably.

    “But she was a very smart, articulate, self-assured girl, and she just never really got over it.”

    “She didn’t need help, she didn’t want help.

    It was a huge problem.”

    The mother said her teen had struggled with bullying and felt isolated.

    “My daughter was struggling and had to leave her home and go live with a man,” she explained.

    She wasn’t happy, she wasn’t having fun. “

    The first year, it was really hard.

    She wasn’t happy, she wasn’t having fun.

    The letter described her as “at risk of suicide and self-harm”. “

    Then, one day, she got a letter from the mental health services.”

    The letter described her as “at risk of suicide and self-harm”.

    “It was a letter of support.

    She’d been there before.

    She needed someone to talk to.

    And I thought, I’ve got to do something, I’m going to kill myself.'” “

    The next time I saw her she said, I just want to die, I want to end my life.

    And I thought, I’ve got to do something, I’m going to kill myself.'”

    The mother told MashABLE her daughter has struggled with anxiety since she was young, and was diagnosed as bipolar.

    “If she was in school, she’d be the most outgoing girl.

    She’s always been a fun-loving person,” she added.

    The mother, now 28, said she wanted her daughter to be happy.

    “And then at 18, it’s like, I don’t want to be like this, I hate myself.” “

    As you get older, you know that’s how you go through life and you go into your 20s, you’re probably going through some of the darkest periods in your life, and maybe you get the help and support that you need,” she continued.

    “And then at 18, it’s like, I don’t want to be like this, I hate myself.”

    The family is now living with the teenager, but says it will not be her last.

    “We have a plan for her, and we’re doing everything we can to help her through it,” the mother said.

    ‘It’s not fair’ ‘It has affected me so much, and this is the first time I’ve really felt this much of a loss.’

    It’s not even fair.””

    For her to have had this letter that said she has depression, she had to feel this.

    It’s not even fair.”

    The letter said she’s at risk of self-harming and suicide.

    “What she didn’ have to do was to look at a mental health professional and they would’ve told her, ‘Yes, we can help you’.” The teen said the letters were difficult to understand and difficult to read.

    “They don’t give you a lot of context, and you just have to just try to find it in your mind and just sort of process it,” she described.

    “All you can think of is, ‘Oh my God, she’s going to die.’

    You just don’t know how to deal.” “

    Sometimes, it gets really difficult.

    You just don’t know how to deal.”

    A national suicide hotline is open in Australia and the Teenline is available for anyone who needs support.

    The Teenline operates on a 24-hour hotline.

    “Kids, if you’re struggling, we’re here to help you,” a Teenline representative said.


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