Mental illness stereotypes are big.

    They are bigger than health.

    It’s not the symptoms that are big, but how the stigma affects people’s mental health.

    In an attempt to tackle stigma, a group of Australian universities have created a website called Mental Illnesses Stereotype Calculator which shows how big a problem mental illness is.

    The website shows that people who experience a mental health issue are three times more likely to be diagnosed with a mental illness, and three times as likely to have a depressive episode.

    What’s more, mental health services are underfunded, and most people who need help are not receiving it.

    As such, many mental health professionals are under a lot of pressure to treat people who are not ill, and many are hesitant to provide help.

    This can lead to people feeling stigmatised and isolated, and it can lead them to experience anxiety and depression, which can then lead to further stress and problems in their mental health and relationships.

    The new website, which will launch later this month, helps professionals better understand the role that mental illness stigma plays in mental health, as well as offer advice on how to change the perception.

    Professor Michael Tapp, the director of the Australian Centre for Mental Health, said the website would be a great way for mental health practitioners to work with individuals who have experienced mental health issues.

    “I think one of the challenges that clinicians have is that people will often tell you that they’ve experienced mental illness,” he said.

    “And that can make you feel guilty or guilty-y or whatever, because you’ve made that person feel bad.”

    But I think the real challenge that’s there is to understand that stigma is not just about the symptoms, but also how it affects people in their lives.”‘

    I’m in a bubble’: A young man who suffers from PTSD and anxiety says he’s ‘too ashamed to admit he has a mental disorder’It’s not just mental health workers who are reluctant to admit they have a mental condition.

    In one of our most recent studies, researchers found that people with depression and anxiety were four times more prone to experiencing stigma.”

    The vast majority of people have a sense of self-worth that’s not rooted in any real health issues that affect them, which may or may not be true,” said Professor Tapp.”

    They don’t have to worry about being judged for it, they don’t need to be ashamed of it, and that’s an important thing to be able to work on in order to get there.”‘

    My life sucks’: A woman who suffers with bipolar disorder says she’s ‘in a bubble’Source: ABC News / ABC Digital | Duration: 3min 10secTopics:mental-health,psychiatry,diseases-and-disorders,australia,nsw,aotong-2340First posted November 17, 2018 08:53:46Contact Karen O’ConnellMore stories from New South Wales


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